Tips and tricks for you to get the best out of your rural landscaping project or garden.


Doug Lowry Contracting Ltd can help you select plants and design plantings to help you attract native birds, exotic birds and honey bees into your garden.

Trees for Bees.

Strong and healthy bees are vitally important for New Zealand plants, farming and agriculture.  The key to good bee health is a continual supply of diverse pollen and nectar from natural floral sources.


When you are choosing what to plant in waterway margins, windbreaks, field edges, under pivots and along roadsides, choosing bee friendly trees and shrubs will be beneficial for bee health.  A lot of the shelter and erosion control plants have abundant flowers to feed bees.


Doug Lowry Contracting Ltd can help you plan plantings and choose plants that will attract and feed bees.


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Plantings to Attract Native Birds

Attract native birds to your farm or garden by selecting New Zealand native plants and trees that will provide shelter, food, nesting places and bird friendly habitats. 

There are a huge variety of fruiting and flowering plants that can be included in farm plantings (riparian plantings, shelter plantings) as well urban gardens that native birds will flock to and thrive amongst.


Doug Lowry Contracting Ltd can help you plan plantings and choose plants to create an attractive habitat for native birds on your property.


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