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Doug Lowry Contracting Ltd specialises in rural landscaping as well as lifestyle, urban and commercial landscaping development.
Offering comprehensive landscaping services, Doug Lowry Contracting Ltd will assist you in every step of realising your landscaping vision.  From design consultation through to construction, post planting care and ongoing maintenance, Doug Lowry Contracting Ltd has your landscaping needs covered


Growing up on the West Coast of the South Island, Doug Lowry gained his passion for New Zealand native plants exploring the wilderness of the Paparoa Ranges. 


Today Doug's passion lies in rural landscaping and beautification, building sustainable and ecologially sound native planting habitats on Canterbury farms and lifestyle properties.  Working predominantly with New Zealand native shrubs and trees, as well as exotics, Doug designs, constructs and maintains fantastic borders and riparian plantings to provide shelter for stock and to protect and stabilize waterways.  New Zealand natives grow well in a variety of conditions, soil types and environments, stand up well to the diverse weather conditions, encourage native bird habitation, and provide a great food source for bees.


Doug's vision includes establishing native plantings in rural areas and creating corridors of native bird, and bee friendly habitats throughout Mid-Canterbury  Doug hopes that expansion of sustainable, native plantings will contribute to a legacy of ecologically minded and environmentally friendly farming in the region.


Doug Lowry Contracting Ltd also designs, constructs and maintains beautification plantings to enhance dairy shed and farm building environments, or to mask less desirable features such as effluent ponds.  Other popular requests include the all important, low cost, low maintenance garden design for farm accomodation, as well as landscape architecture for lifestyle properties.


With over 20 years experience in the landscaping business, Doug has complimented his practical knowledge with a National Certificate in Horticulture as well as a National Certificate in Landscaping and Amenity Horticulture, so you can be sure you are getting the very best landscaping advice and service.


Doug Lowry Contracting is dedicated to providing customer satisfaction, and will work with you to develop a design concept that meets your requirements and your budget.


What Our Clients Are Saying:

"Doug Lowry has been overseeing the gradual planting and maintenance of shelter and gardens on our dairy farm since October 2010.  Doug is expert at his job and very professional. I have always found him to be pleasant to deal with and he is timely, if the plans change his communication is excellent. 


Doug has been involved in our planting program from planning and design through to planting and maintenance.  Doug is always thinking about what he is doing and has cost at the front of his mind from the initial outlay to plant selection and placement with minimum maintenance requirement.   He is efficient and provides excellent value in what he does while at the same time achieving an impressive result. 


I would highly recommend Doug to anyone who is looking at anything from assistance at any step along the way right through to turnkey planting and maintenance."



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